Captin Cook Portfolio  

Dear Kim,

Great news!  Today in Australia is Friday 22nd.  The maestro landed in our hands at midday. 
He is just fantastic.  The fabric, colour,  braiding, accessories, and the sewing is sensational.  
Ken has not  seen him yet as he is working very hard getting the Festival site ready for tomorrow,
which is our big day, but he knows he has arrived.  I think the whole town knows about him or
at least they will tomorrow.  We have a population of 2,500 but are expecting at least 5,000 for
the Festival.  The postmaster was looking out for him and phoned me.  I went down and
collected him.  Everyone is so relieved that he has arrived. I think somebody was looking after

He will lead our parade at 10.00 am tomorrow.  We have our re- enactment on at 1.00 pm
which is a full 1 hour stage production of the life of James Cook.  About 15 in the cast.  The
actor who is playing Cook is going to wear the costume in the parade and act it out as to his
2nd arrival at 1770.

We are having a video/DVD taken of the full stage production and of course other parts of
the festival so will send you one. View our website for full

Thankyou, thankyou very much.

Kindest regards,
Neroli Nelson